Kayla’s story 5/12/15

As parents, we all have one thing in common: we want what is best for our kids, and most importantly,  we want to protect them in every way possible. I have always followed Doctors medical advice, and for the past 15 years I have done what I need to keep them healthy. As of right now,  all 3 of my kids are up to date on their immunizations.


   My daughter was born, on time, completely healthy and healthy with mild asthma. She is very smart, funny, outgoing and extremely talented playing multiple instruments and draws like a professional at the young age of 14.


 This continued. I made several trips the ER because it got to the point she has nausea and vomiting. I went to a neurologist who ran bloodwork and it showed a positive ANA. After 3 months on a wait list for rheumatologist for possible autoimmunity and lupus, I was told she would not diagnose lupus at such a young age but there’s a strong possibility she could develop it later. She said she was concerned about her heart and tonsils which were so large could be depriving her brain of oxygen. on 11/6/12 I had them removed. EKG was normal. Without more answers I went back to the neurologist,  he diagnosed ADHD, complex migraines with and without auras which made her see zig zags and dots, lightheadedness, vomiting and nausea. Several medications were tried and failed. My once healthy daughter continued to decline. One afternoon a concerned teacher sent her to the office,  the school nurse  called her a liar, she was told to “suck it up and everyone gets headaches.” sent her back to class and did NOT contact me. My daughter walked home tired, disoriented,  nauseated, and one side of her face swollen, it looked like she had a stroke, her speech slurred and she had a seizure at home lasting 3 minutes! which sent us back to the ER.  Her neurologist ordered an EEG which was normal. In march 2013 she was admitted for migraines to have DHE which was supposed to “reset her” so prevention medications could be used, but it was unsuccessful. Home study was recommended but the school refused to comply. I was threatened with truancy charges despite medical documentation showing she was too ill to attend school regularly. After a long battle with the school, who told me they had more authority over my daughter’s health than her NEUROLOGIST. My daughter was accused of faking her symptoms despite doctors notes and ICD9 codes showing diagnosis which I was not required to provide. I had to homeschool her for her 8th grade year. No service were provided for ADHD.

   in October 2014, a 2nd dose of gardisil was given to my daughter. I did not know at the time her symptoms were a result of her vaccines. Immediately she had lightheadedness,  dizziness,  migraines retriggered, but we were still sent home.  Again, within 24 hours she had a seizure at school, collapsed at school and taken to the office in a wheelchair. The ER doc looked at her history of migraines and was told it was a migraine with possible syncope due to heat. no fluids were given for dehydration.  The follow up with her neurologist,  he determined it was Gardasil. He said he had seen other patients with similar issues and did not want her to have the 3rd dose. As a precaution he’d order another EEG which was normal.  In December 2014, just a month and a half after Gardasil second dose,  she stopped menstruating and hasn’t since. Pelvic pain, nausea,  vomiting,  fatigue continued for months,  finally appendix issues were ruled out when ultrasound showed cervical cysts and ovarian cysts.I spent several weeks trying to find a gynecologist willing to treat a 14 year old with these issues. Most refused.  On 4/7/15 she had laproscopic surgery which drained her ovarian cyst to preserve fertility, removed a fibroma and left the cervical cysts alone although nobathian cervical cysts are only seen in menopausal women.  Its now may and she still has menstruation issues,  continued pelvic pain, GI issues, difficulty eating, and her cardiologist had her on a 24 hour heart monitor last week due to erradic heart rate.


She can’t go to school and sleeps 12/14 hours a day.  Her doctors are still working on answers and again I will have to fight for home study. Every day I have to watch her decline and her doctors don’t have many answers, only more tests.


My daughter now spends most of her days sick to her stomach when she eats, if she eats at all, and curled up on the couch in a ball from the physical pain she feels every single day.

   My daughter was happy,  healthy and active prior to her vaccines,  and without diagnosis I can’t get exemptions and my other children don’t qualify either. 
   SB 277 will cause even more trauma to my daughter than she’s already endured. This has effected her physically, emotionally, socially,  and academically.

By the end of May 2015, We were in the ER 4 times in 3 weeks with seizures, in the month of May alone. She could not walk and I had to carry her down the stairs. To put that in perspective, she’s 5’4″ and I’m only 5’0″. One doctor said it was complex migraines, another said complex partial seizures. EEG was normal. since this happened more than once, I still don’t know the truth.


In June, She was diagnosed with PCOD (poly cystic ovarian disease). Her testorone level is double what it should be, we are still waiting for endocrinology. We were told by the gynecologist that she has an increased risk of cancer and when she does plan to have children in the future, they can discuss IVF. She had an endoscopy. They told me they found eosinophils on the biopsy over the phone, then when I saw the GI specialist this past week we were told no, it’s just acid reflux, then they did not want to give me a print out of her records. I am now going through the hospital to obtain more proof.
It’s now July, Her symptoms have improved now that I have started to detox her. I took her off all medications, increased her antioxidants, started vitamin D supplements. She’s increased drinking water as well as removing gluten and milk.
Update: My daughter was diagnosed with dysautonomia after a tilt table test. The same day she was admitted to children’s hospital overnight after she started having seizures which I believe we’re triggered by the tilt table test. The doctor wrote the diagnosis on prescription pad, without that they would not have believed us. The doctors in the ER treated us poorly when they looked at her history and saw that we blamed her symptoms on her vaccines, which she now has a medical exemption for. They asked to speak to her alone because they suspected child abuse and were mad to find out we have a good, loving, and close relationship. The morning neurologist accused her of faking her symptoms. She asked what she wanted to be when she grew up and asked if she considered medicine because she is “extremely intelligent” and knowledgeable about her own symptoms. After discharge we were referred back to her pediatric neurologist who was shocked they made allegations of faking her symptoms because he knew she was very ill and could tell just by looking at her that she had dark circles around her eyes, and her heart rate was erradic. I was advised to find the best Dysautonomia specialist I could find. I was not given a referral, but a suggestion to try Rady’s. I tried Rady’s, but was unsuccessful. So I tried CHLA, UCLA, UCI and USC…all of which did not know what dysautonomia was. I did find a specialist at Scripps but the wait list is 6 months to a year. We were told to increase salt and water intake for dysautonomia. Meanwhile she still has stomach issues. The endoscopy showed 13 eosinophils. It takes 15 to get a clinical diagnosis of Esoniphilic Esophagitis. I was told to remove gluten, which I already did. Her cervical cysts are back one is 1.4 cm connecting to her bladder, and unknown issues with her kidneys which they dismissed and did not discuss with me. The bottom line is my daughter is not getting adequate care. Not one doctor wants to take responsibility for her and it’s difficult to get her treatment.
Not only that, but she is homeschooled so due to her medical issues she does not get to participate in orchestra, she does not get to attend prom with her boyfriend and she does not get to graduate with all her friends. I was told going to college will be a challenge unless we can find the right doctor to treat her. It is extremely frightening to me that she is so ill. She doesn’t regulate her blood pressure or heart rate, so I don’t know how they think she could possibly fake something like this. Changing position or standing up quickly can cause her to faint. Walking for longer than 5 minutes makes her tired. She’s 15 years old!


25 thoughts on “Kayla’s story 5/12/15

  1. So so sorry to read what you and your family have been going through. I have read so many stories like this!! I do not have a daughter but if I did HELL NO TO GARDISOL!! I have a son almost 11 years old and I hear that they want give to the boys as well . . I will rip him out of school if that’s the case. I’m working on SB277 as a volunteer . . I’ve gotten almost a thousand signatures. we are praying that this is successful because my son too will be in 7th Grade next year and if it is delayed he will be grandfathered in like your son, hopefully! I’m praying for you . . god bless you. So so glad the minute I read the sentence where you were detoxing her that she was getting better! absolutely detox! go alternative . . do what you have to do to get her well, fight and tell everybody you can.

  2. Hi there / so so sorry to hear of your poor daughter’s injuries – made even worse by the horrific attitude of the school and the doctors! I am appalled. My son has been hired by the HPV Vaccine too, so have children of friends of mine. My son has sadly consequently developed Lyme (as the vaccine triggers dormant pathogens). However, the daughters of my friends have fully recovered after naturopathic treatment! Please continue detoxing her and please also remove all sugar from her diet. I wish you all the best.

  3. My 15 yr. old daughter and I have been stunned and aghast at reading the story of the horrific journey you have been on with your daughter. It’s an absolute outrage what she has had to endure because of vaccines, especially Gardasil. We are both deeply concerned for her and want to know how she is doing now and will be following your blog closely. I’m going to share your link on my FB page because people need to know there is extreme risks that come with vaccines – especially Garadisl. Stories like your daughter’s are not made up are happening to more young children than the medical profession wants us to know. THANK YOU for sharing!

  4. Gardasil can not be blamed for PCOS, as 5-10% of the women in the world already had PCOS – before Gardasil was ever invented.

    1. What an incredibly ignorant comment.

      You conveniently ignore that nobody has blamed all PCOS on Gardasil, as well as the fact that we’re not talking about a woman here. This is a young girl whose life has been changed for the worse, forever, by a vaccine that has never been proven to prevent anything, but is touted as cancer prevention.

    2. Debra, please do REAL RESEARCH into Gardasil reactions! They are very much consistent with Dysautonomia, autoimmune disease, atypical seizures (non-epileptic), ovarian cyst syndromes, migraines, paralysis, partial paralysis (including G.I.) and so on.
      I have dysautonomia due to TBIs throughout my life. Yes, there are other causes, but I have read through so many, many accounts of Gardasil injuries, and I am FURIOUS! I was 38 when my symptoms became critical. I wouldn’t wish this nightmare on my worst enemy!
      There is already a viral shift away from the few of a 100 or more strains of HPV that are in this killer vaccine. Whole countries are outlawing it! Boys are getting the same symptoms after a gardasil vaccine (except for ovarian cyst syndrome). One died from a severe hypotensive episode, as we can have with dysautonomia.
      Your statement lacks any relevance to HPV vaccine injury.

      1. O.K. Brain issues, sorry.
        PCOS, I forgot to clearly address. Yes,it exists in women all over the world who haven’t been vaccinated, so what? It also occurs in women for many different reasons.
        IF YOU RESEARCH HPV VACCINE INJURIES, we are talking SUDDEN DISEASE PROCESSES occurring directly after the vaccine in HEALTHY girls and young women. Those 5 -10% numbers rise precipitously in HPV vaccine injuries! THAT should concern you if you are a critically thinking individual.

  5. I commend you for your efforts in your daughters medical struggle. My 15 year old got the vaccine for the first time this year and she has not menstruated since and that was 3 months ago. This is just so terrifying.

  6. I am so sorry your daughter is going through this. I don’t know your spiritual beliefs but if you believe in God pray to Him for his wisdom and guidance and protection over your daughter. Jesus is our divine healer. He will never leave you or forsake you. I am so glad to see of your efforts to detox her. Maybe a naturopath could assist with that. On a side note, I have a friend who was horribly sick with Lymes disease. She was on high dose antibiotics and over 20 supplements and still was having debilitating symptoms. At the suggestion of her friend she started taking Juice Plus and within a month she was completely symptom free and off all meds. I only am bringing this up as you mentioned that u were giving your daughter antioxidants…..Juice Plus is an antioxidant powerhouse!! Load her up with prebiotic as well….our gut microbiology is the source of much of our immunity. I wish you and your daughter all the best. Keep up the good fight! May God bless you! !!!

    1. I just remembered read my comment….it was supposed to say probiotic (darn auto correct)….but heck, prebiotic are good too 😉

  7. Kayla’s mom: Please see my earlier replies to comments. I have Dysautonomia. Symptoms include : The “atypical”seizure disorder non-epileptic, doesn’t show on EEG, orthostatic hypotension, Sick Sinus Syndrome (Heart) that required a pacemaker, no body temp. control, no circadian rhythm (sleep wake cycle), muscle aches & pains, Colonic Dysmotility (colon stops and starts on its own, long transit times), Occ. have paralytic ileus, chronic low potassium (hypokalemia), syncope (now rare), heat/cold intolerance, and a lot of things I’ve noticed the HPV vaccine injury causes in children. I also had ovarian cyst syndrome, but I had a hysterectomy at age 33, after my kids. The Dysautonomia/ME symptoms appeared when I was 38, then became critical when I was 39. Many doctors, etc… tried to relegate me to s psych case too, but I’m an RN and didn’t take that crap. Feel free to friend me on FB with a message about being Kayla’s mom, and I can PM you what meds etc… we found works for me.Unfortunately, I don’t know how to help with the GYN issues. Have you been to Rady?
    My grandson is vaccine injured and is now recovering. We live in AZ.We should talk! You ALL are in my prayers, Cheryl..

      1. I don’t see your FB acct. is it ” mommysintimeout23″ or other? Mine’s simply : Cheryl Beck with a yellow TRUTH sign for profile pic.

  8. Unforfunately this is not an accidental result of vaccines. We are under attack. Certain powerful persons have decided that there are too many people on earth & this is their attempt to reduce our numbers. They also make money from our plight. The Nazis were evil but not this sophisticated. Gardasil reduces fertility & causes medical problems which fund the medical industry. The medical industry was taken over almost 100 yrs ago by petroleum interests, plant based remedies were undermined & chemical based remedies were made dominant. Our doctors are lied to in medical school. The people directing our politicians want us sick & they want us to die. It is no accident. Most normal people cannot believe that this is the case. But people have to wake up if we are going to be able to fight back on this. Don’t take any vaccines. Stand your ground. Research any prescribed medications. A lot cause other illnesses. Avoid your doctor unless you have a broken leg. Always get the waivers for vaccines. The schools have a form but you don’t need it. but you can demand it. Stand your ground & educate your family & friends on vaccines. I never through to tell my daughter to avoid vaccines for her baby. I assumed she knew. I had talked about it enough. But she trusted her doctors. Her son is 12 & not reading yet, but the autism is gradually wearing off.

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